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The barley diet

This is, perhaps, one of the most successful grain mono-systems. The fact is that barley has a lot of useful substances in its composition, and due to its high fiber content, it is absorbed very slowly - this gives a feeling of satiety and strength for a long time. Those who do not tolerate any diets because of a strong feeling of hunger can try this method, most likely, you will be pleasantly surprised.
On this diet, the body does not experience a shortage of nutrients at all, on the contrary, it heals, gets rid of old fat, receives the necessary vitamins and trace elements. The decline in strength experienced by many losing weight people is not characteristic of this diet, even though barley is low in calories.
So that you can clearly see that barley can replace a full-fledged diet for 3-7 days, let's look at its nutritional value.
The caloric content of barley is 288 kCal per 100 grams. So, in order to lose weight per day, you can consume 400-600 grams of barley, and this is quite a lot in volume.
Also, 100 grams of barley contains 10.3 grams of protein, 2.4 grams of fat, 56.4 grams of carbohydrates. There are dietary fibers - 14.5 grams, water - 14 grams, mono- and disaccharides - 1-3 grams, starch - 54.6 grams, ash - 2-4 grams, saturated fatty acids - 0.4 grams, unsaturated fatty acids - 1.34 grams.
100 grams of barley contains:
- silicon - 600 mg;
- potassium - 453 mg;
- phosphorus - 353 mg;
- magnesium - 150 mg;
- chlorine - 125 mg;
- choline - 110 mg;
- calcium - 93 mg;
- sulfur - 88 mg;
- sodium - 32 mg;
- iron - 7, 4 mg;
- vitamin PP - 6.5 mg;
- vitamin PP - 4.5 mg;
- zinc - 2, 71 mg;
- vitamin E - 1, 7 mg;
- vitamin B5 - 0.7 mg;
- vitamin B6 - 0.47 mg;
- vitamin B1 - 0, 33 mg;
- Vitamin B2 - 0, 13 mg;
- and many other vitamins, macro and microelements in smaller proportions.
As you can see, barley cannot be called a poor product, it fits perfectly for a mono diet. The barley diet is very simple and intricate, but it gives good results. For a week, you can lose up to four kilograms on it, depending on the amount of excess weight, the presence of sports loads, individual metabolism.
The barley diet is designed for 7 days, but you only eat barley porridge for the first three days. Half an hour before eating, you need to drink a glass of warm water.
After three days of the mono diet have passed, other foods are gradually introduced into the diet. This should be done carefully, carefully weighing the need for a new type of food.
You can start with low-fat kefir - from one to three glasses a day during meals, between them, or with baked apples. You can leave 1-3 selected products until the end of the diet (for example, kefir, apples, vegetables) or eat something new every day.
On the barley diet, it is allowed to eat fruits (except grapes and a large number of dried fruits), fresh and stewed vegetables in vegetable oil (literally one spoonful of oil), low-fat dairy and fermented milk products, dietary types of meat and fish, meat and vegetable broths, unsweetened compotes, fruit drinks, freshly squeezed juices. Vegetable oil (olive) can be used in cooking, for dressing salads, or consumed in the morning on an empty stomach - it is useful for cleansing the body and saturating it with useful substances.
It is worth drinking green tea without sugar, pure water with lemon. You can not drink sweet soda, mineral water with gas, coffee, cocoa, alcohol, juices from bags. It is necessary to completely exclude sugar, fried, smoked, any canned food, pastries, bread.
When new products are introduced, the porridge portion should decrease so that the daily calorie content is kept at the same level. With good tolerance, you can extend the diet to three weeks, starting each week with a three-day mono diet or eat the same as at the end of the first week. Find the Top Bank Transfer Casinos and experience the convenience of direct bank transfers for secure and reliable transactions, with no need for additional payment intermediaries.
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