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Online Gambling Myth: Only Lonely People Gamble

Online Gambling Myth: Only Lonely People Gamble

A long standing myth about those who gamble is that they do so because they are lonely. While some people may use gambling at an online casino or in a live casino environment as a form of escape from the more negative aspects of their lives, including loneliness; gambling in itself is a rather lonely activity with a limited social aspect. Think about it, even when gambling in a live casino environment, people usually fly solo. While they might be surrounded by many other players at the casino, most gamblers are usually too absorbed in their gaming activities to really socialize with those around them. Gambling at an online casino has an even greater sense of isolation, and while it can be argued that those who choose to gamble at home online are loners who lean towards activities that are anti-social, many people who like to play at online casinos lead active social lives, are deeply involved with their communities, have spouses, families, and careers that keep them socially active. People who like to gamble online are attracted to the thrill and excitement of the activity, and find it’s an enjoyable form of entertainment that’s convenient. Of course, it’s also a nice bonus that they always have the hope of winning a big casino jackpot! Use promo code casino to get bonuses.

There are many different types of gamblers, and while one categorization is called “Antisocial Personality” which could be perceived as lonely; this category of gamblers are people who use illegal methods to gamble and support themselves, and few people who gamble engage in casino activities for this reason. There are a number of other categories of gamblers, and most of them have nothing to do with antisocial tendencies or a lonely lifestyle.

Categories of Gamblers

  • Professional Gambler. A professional gambler, gambles as a main source of income. However, few professional gamblers are welcome at online casinos.
  • Casual Social Gambler. A casual social gambler might go to a live casino with a group of friends or family as a form of entertainment and socialization, where the focus is more upon the group interaction than the gambling activity itself. This category of gambler can also make use of online casinos; sitting down in a group atmosphere to visit casinos online. Though this may not always be a recommended method of gambling online due to safety and privacy issues.
  • Serious Social Gambler. For this type of gambler, playing casino games either online or in a live casino environment is their major form of entertainment. Rather than going to movies, going out to play a game of pool, or attending a live music event, the serious social gambler would rather spend their entertainment budget on their favorite casino games online.
  • Relief and Escape Gambler. For the relief and escape category of gamblers, playing online casino games is a way to relax and get away from the stresses of everyday life. Some people like to go for a walk, or have a glass of wine to unwind; the relief and escape gambler prefers to hit their favorite Card Tables online. Play online casinos with an advantage, look for promo code casino and use them to get bonuses.

Can lonely people gamble? Sure. But gambling is not an activity reserved for one personality type or lifestyle; all kinds of people are attracted to the risk and thrill that comes with online gambling.

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